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January 5, 2011

Safari 2.0 is the Ultimate Indiana Jones Font

Safari 2.0 is the ultimate Indiana Jones font
An upgrade to Safarithe original adventure font, is now available from David Occhino Design.

Artist David Occhino has released Safari 2.0, which includes many new features. "In 1995, I drew the Safari font as one of my first font projects, and eventually released it in '96," recalls Occhino. "At that time there was no adventure font of this kind and I was still developing my design skills. I loved the bold, adventurous lettering created by Mike Salisbury and David Willardson, so I took this on as one of my first projects."

After Safari was released, other artists created their versions of this style. "Neal Davidson created 'Adventure' and Nick from ShyFonts released 'SF Fedora,' both of which are free downloads and have been widely used," explained Occhino.

"But the main issue with all these adventure fonts, including Safari, was that they were somewhat limited in their use. Setting paragraphs of text with them was out of the question due to poor legibility. None of them came in multiple weights. The small caps were not always drawn in the true style. International character support was spotty at best."

Occhino's remedy to all these issues is Safari 2.0. "I re-drew the font. I added a nice system of lowercase and created three weights: regular, medium and bold. With the Regular weight copy looks great, even at smaller sizes." He also created a true small caps and shadow variant for each weight as well as support for many languages around the world. Ten styles total comprise the Safari font family.

"With Safari 2.0 you can really create some bold, adventurous text graphics. You get all the splashy action-oriented headlines with the bolder weights, and fun, legible copy with the Regular weight. With ten fonts included in the family, Safari 2.0 is a great deal. It's a fun font to use and can't wait to see what other designers create with it.

Upgrade information has been sent to eligible users of previous versions of Safari.

A single-user, non-commercial license for all ten styles of this new Indiana Jones font can be purchased for $30 (USD) from the David Occhino Design FontShop. Additional information and samples can be viewed on the Safari font page of the David Occhino Design website.

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